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Advantages of Mileage and Expense Tracking Technology for Businesses

Companies are unique in many ways, and one of their differences lies in their business vehicle programs. Yet even with the available technology, it’s surprising that a lot of them are still dependent on manual processes. So what are the exact benefits of using mobile mileage tracking apps?

It is not only convenient but safe as well.

The first and most obvious benefit of using mileage tracking technology is convenience. Similar to any GPS-enabled mobile device, mobile mile tracking apps let us do things that are impossible with those old paper maps. On top of that, these apps continue to run in the background, eliminating the need to keep checking your phone when you have to be focusing on the road. As well, you don’t have to manually note down mileages and destinations on a piece of paper that sometimes even gets lost. If you use a mobile mileage app, you simply press start and get your data when you need it.

Accuracy is guaranteed.

For anyone whose work entails regular travels, expenses can really pile up. Based on Runzheimer’s 2017 Workforce Mobility Report, an average of $8,480 is spent by each traveler each year. Business drivers should be reimbursed for money they have spend from their own pockets, and a mileage tracking app will provide assurance that the app will make accurate calculations and recordings of actual driven miles. This keeps confusion and potential issues at bay when a worker’s manual records are questioned by management.

It relieves some of the stress at work.

Work, as we all know, can be very stressful, particularly when constant traveling is part of the job description. Therefore, any chance to reduce this stress is always appreciated, especially when it affects taxes and IRS compliance. To put it simply, mobile mileage tracking eases doubts related to non-compliant mileage reimbursement forms, considering that calculations can be guaranteed accurate.

It boosts productivity.

While it may seem like logging of business miles isn’t such a huge task, it can add to work-related stress. These micro-routines are in fact the toughest to maintain since they provide little, if any, fulfillment. Automating this task gives everyone more free time to engage in revenue-generating activities and increase their overall productivity.

It offers a competitive edge.

In terms of business competition, efficiency can actually make or break a company. Workers using mobile mileage trackers are instantly more efficient – and thus, a step ahead – compared to their other-company equivalents who don’t. This is a task that is generally vulnerable to human error, but automation erases all possible doubts on the data’s accuracy.

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